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AppLab. In Action

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AppLab. Benefits


Custom Layout

Unlimited Users

Segment communication, connect people, always in a measurable way.

AppLab. Who Uses


Company with digital catalog.
Make your documents, sales catalogs and reports at the fingertips of your customers through an app with your company brand.


Digital bookshelf for readers.
Showcase your publications with a custom bookshelf and engage your readers in a beautiful interactive experience.

Internal Communication

Message reaching everyone.
Platform to simplify, modernize and streamline your end-to-end internal communication, all in a measurable way.

Increase the engagement of your content with a new experience.


Marketplace for employees


Contents of general interest


Encourages integration into the company


Space for ideas and projects


Ranking of most active users


Notices about new publications

Some features that facilitate communication in your company.

  • Content segmentation.
  • Promote collaboration with comments and likes.
  • Integration with HR and IT services.
  • Facilitate the arrival of new staff.
  • Creation of Groups by sector or project.
  • Sending out segmented notifications.

AppLab. How it works

Create content with InDesign, HTML, EPUB, or PDF and publish straight to app.

No programming required, mobile and web compatible.


Digital Publishing Production with Adobe InDesign - HTML5 and EPUB 3

Digital newsstand with your brand.

Create a personalized experience for your readers by choosing the app name and layout to match your company identity.



Receive data about campaigns, interactions and user access.

Have measurable communication and find out how to improve your results.

Successful Partnerships

CBR Digital Library

The APP project reinforces CBR's commitment to provide radiologists with the widest online and offline material.

Download the Google Play version or the Apple App Store.

App Protest

Brazilian Association of Consumer Protection. The app allows reading PROTESTE's e-Books and magazines.

Download the Google Play version or the Apple App Store.

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AppLab. The Platform

AppLab. Resources

Login system

Control access to the app with prior registration or directly by the user on first access.

Access control

Create user profiles and allow differentiated access to digital banking.

Free content

Include demo versions of your content to give your readers an experience before they buy.

News Feed

Post content in real time and increase user engagement with comments and likes.

Segmented content

Create sections and content segmented by user profile and make communication more assertive.


Do you already have the login/password data of the users? We can integrate with existing services.

push notifications

Send alerts about new content, offers and promotions at your leisure.

Theme and Brand

Customize the interface, icon, texts and images of the app to meet the look and feel of your company, 100% customized layout.


Enable easy location of app content by searching by text or post metadata.


Use the fastest growing media in the market by publishing a dedicated podcast section.

Unlimited users

Unlimited number of users with access to app content.

mobile and web

IOS 11+
Android 7+
Web version for desktops.

Off-line use

After downloading the publication, access is available even without internet connection.

Build your Catalog

Have from a simple app with just one digital newsstand to more complex projects with categories, segmentations, multiple newsstands and sections.

digital formats

Produce without editing a line of code with Adobe InDesign and support for HTML5, EPUB 3, and PDF formats.

On-demand resources

We meet your needs with custom features, for example: classified, mural, calendar, ride, among others.

Analytical Reports

Receive data about events and user accesses in the app and publications.

Scalable Back-end

Your files and data are stored using state-of-the-art technology, with daily security and backups.

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AppLab. In Practice

Check out the benefits of the AppLab Dualpixel platform by downloading our app available for iOS and Android.