This is my second experience with Dualpixel and Felipe, and I have nothing but thanks. The Crossmedia Training is important, updated and enriching. The methodology, the relaxed way of teaching and sharing content and knowledge help me learn a lot. The possibility of reviewing the material to work at my pace and discover the possibilities is very interesting. The complementary materials, the websites indications and all the material provided are very rich and agile. I recommend the experience and hope to participate in other courses that will expand my knowledge.

Telma Cristina Witter

After the great Epub3 courses with Indesign, I acquired other trainings, like Adobe Edge and Adobe Muse, besides participating in the content production module for app with Indesign (Crossmedia Training). All of them very well structured, updated and with great reference materials and studies, besides the super valuable support! I recommend it to everyone who wants to update themselves in the digital and/or printed area!

Gabriel Leles

I'm doing the Online course of InDesign CC - Multiplatform Editorial Production, and I'm loving it. Even working with INDESIGN for many years, I am learning new tools, mainly to offer new DIGITAL works, to leave the standard PDF, for a much bigger market, DIGITAL market. This is already my second course at DUALPIXEL, and I will certainly do others that may interest me! Felipe excellent instructor, very satisfied! Super Indico

Dilma Santos

He concluded the course of Multiplatform Editorial Production held in São Paulo and it was a great experience. Learning with those who really know the subject is priceless. Felipe Santos, you are to be congratulated. The content of the classes, the super updated study material and the applied didactics were favorable so that the learning is not lost. I highly recommend DualPixel courses!!!

Sonia Lisa Schwartz

I've been a graphic designer for over 30 years and took the course of Indesign CC - Multiplatform Editorial Production with Dualpixel. I thought it was great! Felipe is a great instructor and, for being also a graphic designer, always has cool tips to improve the final work. Besides that, the after-sales service is very efficient, giving support to all the doubts that may appear. The course has broadened my knowledge and my editorial horizons. I will put in practice, both in the magazines I produce (Revista Distribuição, from ABAD and ANAPP magazine) and also in my personal website of crossword puzzles and other hobbies (Cruzadas Clube).

Manoel Mendonça