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7 good reasons to study at Dualpixel Academy

If you are a designer or print or digital media enthusiast, and want to turn your career around or even enter the job market in a prepared way, I have an important message for you. Those who study more, have more knowledge and are better prepared, get better career positions and better salaries. Who says this is a research that Catho did in 2018, and you can access it by clicking here.

Know now, with details, all 7 good reasons to study at Dualpixel Academy, and get to know a little more about how this program can help you study better and become a professional with more competitiveness and knowledge.

24-hour access to classes

All Dualpixel Academy courses are online, so you have access to all classes 24 hours a day. If you need to study at alternative times, this is a great advantage.

Unlike when it occurs in face-to-face classes, where you need to be quick and write down useful information to study later, in Dualpixel online courses you can review the classes as many times as you want. Whether it's to remember a topic, or to get a better understanding of the class.

Being able to review the classes as many times as you like, besides helping you to fix and understand better the techniques and tools, it helps you in those moments when you "give a blank".

Teachers available online

What if you have any questions that don't show up in class? Or if you need a better example to understand?
Whatever your question about classes, you can ask our teachers who are available in class live and via student and teacher groups in WhatsApp.

By choosing to study at Dualpixel Academy you will have the chance to talk to the teachers to leave the class understanding the whole subject, with no room for doubt.

Questions answered directly in the group

One of the best reasons for you to study at Dualpixel Academy is the access to the group of students and teachers where you can clear all your doubts regarding the classes.

This is a way of helping colleagues who have the same doubt, and also of learning from the doubts that are presented and answered in the group.

Learning together in a collaborative way

At Dualpixel everyone unites with a single goal: to learn.
By knowing the questions of the colleague, talking with the teachers to better understand the content and talking about what they have learned, the student completes the Dualpixel course with more skills and a deeper knowledge of what they have learned.

Our groups and live classes are one of the most important tools for student learning.

Courses developed by market professionals

Nothing better than a professional with experience in real projects to understand the demands and needs of the labor market. That's why we handpicked our teachers to develop the courses.

Thus, with the help of teachers working in the area you are guaranteed to learn something that will be useful in your day to day professional and stand out from your competitors.

Practical Exercises

Theoretical evidence is very important for certain areas. But it is in practical exercise that knowledge is actually absorbed into our brain.

At Dualpixel Academy the teachers apply practical exercises for the student to fix what he has just learned. It is an important method of learning, where the student has the opportunity to put into practice everything he saw in class.

No prior knowledge required

If you like the areas of layout, design, print or digital media, want to learn but have no previous knowledge, the Dualpixel Academy study program is made for you.
Dualpixel believes that knowledge about any tool or subject should be passed on in a comprehensive way, whether for those who already have some previous knowledge, or for those who are starting now.

Thus, students leave classes with a greater repertoire of good production practices with Adobe CC software, capable of putting all their knowledge into practice. Be it in the professional day-to-day, or in the practical exercises of the classes.
for less than a cup of coffee

Investing less than $1.00 per day, you start your learning journey today, increasing your skills and opportunities in the job market.

Know the advantages of our plans

Subscription Plans

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    WhatsApp Study Group

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    20 online courses

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    WhatsApp Study Group

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    Live classes every month

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    20 online courses

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    WhatsApp Study Group

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    Live classes every month

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    Complete online courses (2)

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    IN5 plug-in signature (3)

(1) Workbook, plug-ins, scripts, tutorials, videos, ebooks. The items may vary according to the content of the module. (2) IN5 Method - Crossmedia Training - eBooks Production - Adobe Muse. (3) IN5 plug-in subscription for up to 2 machines

dualpixel guarantee

If after 15 calendar days, you decide not to continue, you do not have to pay for the content already accessed, nor the materials downloaded, as well as the questions and support you received from the teachers and study group. You can try it at zero risk!

All this because we believe that you can become an exceptional professional!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I start?  

It doesn't matter if you have experience in the software or not. The Dualpixel Academy program has a sequence of modules and courses to guide you through a study tour, from print media production to digital media.    

The program presents the modules within a release schedule, which runs from March to December 2019. The courses begin with a focus on the Fundamentals of Adobe tools and, as the months go by, the themes and content increase in level.

The program helps you get started and evolve during all modules.  

How do subscription plans work?

The Dualpixel Academy program is offered in three subscription types - Style, Select and Smart. All three plans guarantee full access to all modules and courses as well as participation in the WhatsApp study group.

The Select plan has the benefit of live classes, with the teachers and professionals invited presenting varied themes that complement and enrich the classes in the modules.

The Smart plan brings together all the online courses already produced by Dualpixel, the live classes and the special benefit of the IN5 plug-in subscription. Don't know what the IN5 plug-in is? Read on the next topic.

What is the IN5 plug-in?

IN5 is the most complete plug-in for HTML5 export from Adobe InDesign, keeping all page layout, as well as the main interactive features, and allows you to include features for scrolling content, image sequence, gallery, multimedia and much more. Developed by Ajar Productions.

The IN5 plug-in is the basis of the IN5 Method - training developed by Dualpixel (included in the Smart plan), which explores all the distribution possibilities available in IN5, besides teaching good practices for production and distribution of interactive digital publications. Check out a playlist of videos about the IN5 Method.

Subscribers to the Smart plan receive access to the IN5 plug-in, during the subscription period, for installation on up to 2 machines.

What are the course classes like?  

All classes in the program are recorded and online. Classes cannot be downloaded.

The courses are taught through high quality video lessons, produced by professionals in the area, who share projects and real market situations.

You will study and learn through practical exercises, supported by teachers, with room for questions and an active community of students.  

How can I remove my doubts?  

Every student will have access to the study group through WhatsApp, exclusive to Dualpixel Academy. In it, you will be able to learn collaboratively, help and be helped by teachers and other students. In addition to chat in each class and live classes. If any subject in class is not clear to you, don't hesitate to ask!

With Dualpixel Academy you do not stay online studying alone!

Can I study from the smartphone, tablet or desktop?  

Yes! All you need to take the courses is a web browser. The platform is compatible with all devices.  

How do I know if I'm gonna improve my career?  

It is proven: those with more qualifications get better opportunities in the labour market. You will acquire 100% practical knowledge and exchange experiences with all teachers and students in the program.  

By uniting the class content and the strength of the community, together with your personal effort, you will acquire new skills and leverage your presence in the print and digital media market.  

Is Dualpixel Academy certified?  

For every course you take at Dualpixel Academy you have a certificate of participation.

At the end of each course every student is invited to complete a completion project, which will be presented to the teachers! It is a way for you to measure your own learning and also for companies to know your work.  

What are the forms of payment?  

Credit card.  

How long do I have access to the courses?

Access is guaranteed for the duration of the subscription, in the monthly recurrence model. As a Dualpixel Academy subscriber you will have access to all the updates, new modules, classes and will continue to be able to ask questions with the teachers.    

Are the courses updated?

Yes. Digital media go through many updates and the entire Dualpixel Academy team is attentive and prepared to keep the content updated. There are also other ways to update the students, such as: blog articles, live classes and students' own questions and suggestions within the WhatsApp group.  

How do I receive course access data?  

After payment approval, you will receive the access data automatically in the e-mail registered at the time of purchase. Therefore, it is important that you register a valid e-mail. Look for an e-mail (including spam) sent by Dualpixel with the title: "Your Access to DualpixelAcademy".

New courses are released every two weeks.

Will an invoice be provided?  

Yes! Enter the company's registration data at the time of registration. If the registration was made on behalf of an Individual send the registration data by email to:  

And many more

Dualpixel still has the modality in-companyThis consists in training teams of companies and public agencies with personalized contents, with the objective of meeting the most specific needs of each company according to the sector in which it operates.
Count on Dualpixel's entire training portfolio and, if necessary, we perform an analysis to determine the best type of content to be applied.
We keep our registration updated at SICAF to speed up the service to commitments and other public agencies.

Do not let this opportunity pass! We can help your team to produce more and better!