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Varied content for your upgrade! Each event has an average duration of 1 hour with tips and moments of interaction to clear the doubts of the participants. Register and also participate, live, in the next events.

  1. [Live Classroom] Adobe XD News - Tools & Services
  2. [Live Classroom] How to distribute files in ePUB besides Digital Bookshops (with DRM)
  3. [Live Classroom] The client only has the PDF. Now what?
  4. [Live Classroom] How to create a carousel for Instagram
  5. [Live Classroom] ADOBE XD - Beyond Prototyping
  6. [Live Classroom] Illustrator 2020 News
  7. [live lesson] Review Flow - yesterday, today and tomorrow
  8. [webinar] Present and Future of eBooks in ePUB
  9. [webinar] Design and UI Tools
  10. [webinar] Cross Platform Flow with Adobe XD + News
  11. [webinar] Design Intelligence - Artificial and Natural
  12. [Live Classroom] Illustrator Mask Guide
  13. [Live Classroom] Adobe XD - Adobe MAX Updates
  14. [Live Classroom] HTML and CSS for Digital Publications with InDesign
  15. [webinar] Adobe Dimension
  16. [Webinnar] Adobe Spark - Videos
  17. [Webinar] Adobe Spark - Post
  18. [live lesson] Column Layout and Text Flow Guide
  19. [Webinar] Scripts for InDesign like you've never seen!
  20. [webinar] LinkedIn's best features
  21. [Live Classroom] Landing Pages Production with InDesign and IN5 Method
  22. [Webinar] Data Studio - Smart Dashboards
  23. [live lesson] InDesign & PDF for Forms
  24. [live lesson] InDesign and InCopy for Multiple Editions
  25. [Live Classroom] Adobe XD - Prototyping with animation
  26. [Live Classroom] Digital Catalogue with Adobe InDesign
  27. [Live Class] The Benefits of Adobe BRIDGE for Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator
  28. [Live Classroom] InDesign and InCopy Revision Flow
  29. [Live Classroom] Formulas in InDesign
  30. [Live Classroom] Indexes, Summaries and Cross References
  31. [webinar] Organized Lifestyle
  32. [webinar] Productivity with GREP in InDesign
  33. [live lesson] Photoshop for Image Treatment
  34. [live lesson] Do you know Illustrator multipage?
  35. [live lesson] Illustrator invites Photoshop
  36. Webinar - Forms of Learning
  37. Adobe XD Webinar - Prototyping for web and mobile
  38. Interactive Webinar with Adobe InDesign
  39. InDesign Webinar & Scripts

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